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Below are reviews from past clients for whom we’ve provided criminal representation. If you’d like to leave a review or read more reviews, please click here or fill out the form below, and you may see your review featured on the website! Thank you for taking the time to send us a review.

Neil Silver was recommended by the Public Defender that represented me the morning of my arraignment. The Public Defender recommended Mr Silver as an attorney who might work on a fixed, or reduced rate.Mr. Silver wasn’t the least expensive but after our initial consultation I trusted that he would, and could, help me achieve the best possible legal outcome considering the charges I faced.My case was complicated by the fact that I was facing two charges and I had a previous record to consider Mr Silver represented me as a good citizen who made a mistake presenting to the court my personal situation including the fact that I’m getting professional psychological help. The outcome of the case was was very satisfactory.

William M. H.


Mr. Neil S. Silver, I will like to thank you for everything you did for me, you have indeed change the curse of my life, with out your representation I am sure that the outcome of my case would’ve be very different. Mr. Silver represent me pro bono, and he fought for me in the same compassionate and aggressive way as if I was a paid client. His experience and knowledge help to get my case dismissed and for that me and my family will be forever grateful. Please be sure that this experience will, with out a doubt, make me understand how fragile and how precious freedom is, I may not be able to reimburse you with money, but with my promise that I will treasure this second chance that you have give me, I will be a better person, son and father. I highly recommend Mr. Neil S. Silver, an excellent lawyer but a much better person. Thank you!

Eri D.


Neil provided excellent legal counsel and was most helpful in setting forth the various options. Neil was always available for consultation.

Steven S.


I had a great experience, And I would recommend my family and friends to use this Firm. I was given all the information needed to make sound decisions regarding my case as well a support from Mr. Silver.

Billie Gene C.


Our case was handled quickly and Neil kept us up to date with everything we needed to know for our case and treated with the utmost respect and care! Thank you so much!

Mandy V.


My son was unfortunately involved in a very serious legal situation. In the early 1990’s he was charged with several charges that would result in mandatory prison time. He was a drug addict & was arrested for selling drugs. I believed in his ability to be able to turn his life around & that he was a candidate for rehabilitation. Neil agreed and took his case. Neil’s fee was very fair. Even though my son’s charges were mandatory, thru Neil’s connections, legal expertise & years of experience; he was able to get my son 10 years of probation with no jail time. It was truly a miracle. The charges were in a county where the court’s attitudes is to lock up criminals and throw away the key. My son completed rehab at the Mayo hospital and went to several specialty clinics over the course of a year. He graduated from college & is now working on another college degree. Because of Neil, my son had a chance to make something of his life. I truly feel that we owe Neil Silver all the credit.

Gina M.


I had more than a few indiscretions and had I a different attorney I would be in prison. I’ve won a trial by judge, a trial by jury, had evidence suppressed resulting in case dismissal, made it through five driving under suspension’s, two failure to provide insurance, and one eluding. Unbelievably I’m completely off paper and free. In one instance a lawyer had the judge come back out and give his client a lesser sentence because I got off so well, no jail, and his client received thirteen years, they reduced it to eight. If you can, hire this attorney. Thank you Neil, Rick Armstrong.

Richard A.